USGBC CE credits LEED Professionals- 2014 Cool House

Both AIA and USGBC (LEED AP’s and LEED Green Associates) credential holders MUST SIGN IN AT EVERY HOUSE VISITED!!


Only AIA and USGBC continuing education credits are offered on the tour.

AIA attendees will receive one credit per house.

USGBC attendees will receive six credits for visiting a minimum of six homes.  Per our agreement with USGBC, no credits will be issued for touring fewer than six homes, and no extra credits will be issued for touring more than six homes. Attendees should be sure to read the learning objective sign in each house, and they are assumed to spend approximately 50 minutes at each house.

Austin Energy will email a certificate to each attendee.

Any attendees may fill out one survey to provide feedback on the entire tour.