Thank you Bill Sinkin for never giving up!

                  Thank you Bill for your endless enthusiasm for a brighter San Antonio

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Russel Smith, Executive Director of TREIA, remembers Bill SInkin-

Bill dedicated much of the last decades of his life to advocacy for the aggressive development of solar energy, especially in his beloved San Antonio. He was a hero and an inspiration to so many as he sought ways to better the lives of others throughout his storied life.

My earliest interaction with Bill go back to the mid-1980s when he was president of Texas Bank. Even then he was excited about the potential solar energy offered. So much so that he installed solar water heating equipment at his bank which served as the canopy for the drive-in banking lanes. I vaguely remember a number in the range of 80 panels, but mostly I remember brainstorming with him about what to do with all that hot water (the bank restrooms just didn't require that much). I'd like to remember he piped it to a nearby car wash or restaurant, but maybe I'm just making that up. In any case, it was a beautiful installation and quite an exciting thing for us in the early days of the Texas Solar Energy Society, for which I served, at the time, as Executive Director.

I have many more remembrances of visits with him through the years after he founded Solar San Antonio. I always left enthused by his unrelenting commitment and focus on a bright future for solar energy.

Texas Public Radio's story on Bill is a window into his legacy of building a world class city,working for social justice, racial and economic equality, environmental protection and of course his commitment to solar energy.

Bill's funeral service may be viewed on live stream Friday Feb 7 at 1:30pm.