Solar San Antonio wins TREIA Advocate of the Year Award and Solar Plano Advocates wins the TREIA Grassroots Award for their bulk purchase program

The November 2013 Texas Renewables Conference, hosted by TREIA in San Antonio, honored two organizations affiliated with TXSES. 
Solar San Antonio and Bill and Lanny Sinkin, were honored for their work, effectively partnering with consumers, industry, and the local electric utility industry to advance solar in San Antonio. Solar San Antonio's Bring Solar Home Program was also honored in October as the 'Community Renewable Project of the Year' at the Interstate Renewable Energy Council’s 3iAwards Ceremony.

Larry Howe and Solar Plano Advocates were TREIA's Grassroots Award winners for their program that brought homeowners together for a bulk purchase that will culminate in over 120kW in residential rooftop solar added to the Plano utility landscape. Solar Plano Advocates works with TXSES' North Texas Renewable Energy Group to promote the understanding and adoption of solar.

Congratulations to both of these organizations for their work to promote solar energy in Texas.