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"How to Choose a Solar Installer" from the December 2013 Solar Reflector

The Basics of a PV System and The Basics of Solar Hot Water

Explore Cathy Redson's Solar 101 workshop, considered by many to be one of the best introductions to solar energy ever.
The US Department of Energy/Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy has excellent information on solar photovoltaics (PV), solar thermal, and concentrated solar power (CSP). They also have a glossary of terms related to solar technology.Their EERE Newsletter is  worth checking out, as is Energy Savers for homeowners.
American Solar Energy Society (ASES)   TXSES is a state chapter of this organization and they've been promoting solar since 1954. A nonprofit dedicated to increasing the use of solar energy, energy efficiency, and other sustainable technologies, their website has it all, from the basics of solar energy to a job board.
Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC)  works to move renewable energy resources into the marketplace, emphasizing education, outreach, stakeholder coordination, technical assistance, workforce development, the adoption and implementation of uniform guidelines and standards,and consumer protection. Their Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency (DSIRE) is THE source of information on solar rebates, financial assistance, net metering, incentives and policies at the local, state and national level. Read their their US Solar Market Trends-2012.
Texas State Energy Conservation Office   (SECO) provides information on Texas' vast renewable energy resources, incentives, financial options and education.
The American Council for Energy Efficiency (ACEEE) is dedicated to advancing energy efficiency as a means of promoting economic prosperity, energy security, and environmental protection. See where we stand in their state by state 2012 scorecard for energy efficiency policies.
Texas Renewable Energy Industries Association (TREIA) represents over 400 member companies, organizations, agencies and individuals providing products, services and information in the areas of solar electric generation, solar hot water, large and small-scale wind electric generation, biomass electric generation and liquid renewable fuels, geothermal heating and cooling, geothermal electric generation, and sustainable (green) building design and construction. Read their 10 Successes of the 2013 Legislative session and listen to What Happened to Solar in the 2013 Session
Public Citizen  TXSES now collaborates with these folks for Solarize Texas. They are national organization with a Texas office devoted to promoting cleaner energy, cleaner government, cleaner cars and air, and safe products for all Texans.
National Renewable Energy Lab  (NREL) is a department of the U.S. Department of Energy. Located in Boulder, CO, it is the nation’s primary research and development group for renewable energy and energy efficiency. 
Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) works to expand the use of solar technologies, strengthen research and development, remove market barriers, and improve education and outreach for solar. 
The Vote Solar Initiative's mission is to stop global warming, foster economic development and increase energy independence by bringing solar energy into the mainstream.They work on the key policies necessary to bring solar to scale. Vote Solar works with state governments to build sustainable solar markets, remove regulatory barriers and lay the necessary groundwork for a solar future. 

Austin Energy Green Building Program  is America's #1, award winning, Green Building Program. They offer guidance and education on sustainable building practices and energy upgrades. If you are lucky enough to live in their territory, don't pass up the opportunity to learn from them. If you don't, there is still much to learn from their website and programs.