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The projects below highlight the renewable energy related work of TXSES members. If you are a TXSES member, here is an opportunity to present your renewable energy contribution to a wider audience. We can either link to your web page, or provide space to hold other content. The work can be anything that you think will be interesting to visitors to the site, from hobby projects to professional activity.

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 Dan Marsh's Home Energy Project, is a scientific experiment utilizing a new technology of Geothermal Energy Storage and a blend of photovoltaic (electric) solar technology, solar hot water technology,and ground source heat pump technology.

Paul Breaux's "Chez Soleil" passive solar house. It generates all of its own electricity, captures rainwater for all of its water, has solar hot water, and treats its waste in a "constructed wetland".

Gary Vliet (A.K.A. "The Solar Guy") has a solar laboratory at the University of Texas at Austin. Among his projects is the Texas Solar Radiation Data Base

David Eggleston is a former Mechanical Engineering professor who wrote a textbook on wind turbine design, and who currently consults in wind power. Part of his general interest in sustainability is a strong interest in human powered transportation.

Jane Pulaski, working with the Interstate Renewable Energy Council, has created a solar energy educational kit. Information may be obtained from

Chuck Wright has documented a variety of personal solar projects. Also, he has written a variety of interactive calculators (some of which were written for and published on, some of which are unique). His PV system is at fully instrumented, along with some other systems.

Steve Wiese created the "Watts On Schools" web site, which describes photovoltaic system installations on 19 schools in Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana. The site includes performance data logged from the installations, and an interactive energy conversion calculator. Also monitor the performance of numerous PV systems at

Marge Wood (A.K.A. "Other Mother") has a background in education, and offers this lesson plan to help teachers expose kids to renewable energy (note: this is an Adobe Acrobat format file, and will require Acrobat Reader to view).

The Solar Energy Coloring Book, by Judy Pearson, is a fun way to introduce kids to renewable energy concepts (requires Acrobat Reader 4.0 or later - 365 kbytes).

The InfinitePower of Texas campaign now has lesson plans to go along with their renewable energy fact sheets.

The Alliance to Save Energy has posted a set of downloadable lesson plans.

2008 Texas Solar & Hydrogen Fuel Cell Race Car