The Renewable Energy Roundup & Sustainable Living Expo is in Belton this year, Sept. 26-28


Learn about this premier Texas event here

Folks come from across Texas and beyond to:

    Prepare for a greater degree of self reliance
    Secure their own safe and reliable water supply
    Create a higher level of lifestyle security
    Provide an improved quality of life
    Build a healthier more comfortable and affordable living environment
    Learn how to eat healthier and more sustainably
    Develop a hedge against energy cost volatility
    Invest personally and as a society in cleaner renewable energy resources
    Conserve valuable finite resources
    Save money both today and in the long haul

The event features:

    Green & Sustainable Building
    Water Use & Reuse
    Energy Efficiency
    Organic Growing
    Renewable Energy
    Alternative Transportation
    Community and Personal Action
    Children’s Activities