Low and No Cost Options for Utility Solar Programs-New Braunfels

Wed, 02 Oct 2013


Low and No Cost Options for Utility Solar Programs
New Braunfels Civic Center/Rooms 104 and 105
October 2, 2013

Solar uses no water, is a good hedge against fluctuating energy prices and can help expand local economies. But how can municipal and cooperative electric communities realize these benefits with limited budgets?

Utility and local government leaders are invited to learn about options to expand solar energy adoption with low and no cost solar programs. Community solar allows individuals and businesses to own or lease a portion of a solar installation, reducing prices and expanding access to solar for renters and those with shaded roofs. Group purchasing can be used to procure hardware (solar panels and racks) and installation services at reduced prices. Utility sponsored financing for solar installations removes the capital expenditure barrier, greatly expanding access to solar for those without cash on hand and can be offered by a utility directly or in partnership with a bank or credit union.

To RSVP or for any questions, please email Kaiba White at kwhite@citizen.org or Evan Hicks at evan@thecorridor.org.