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The Texas Solar Energy Society is a non-profit organization with a long history of solar and renewable energy outreach and education. Founded in 1976, we have been serving Texas for years.
We have a national reputation for our most high profile projects. For 11 years we co-produced the Renewable Energy Roundup and Sustainable Living Fair in Fredericksburg with the Texas Renewable Energy Industries Association. On June 2, 2013, TXSES co-produced the 17th Annual Austin Cool House Tour with Austin Energy Green Building.
As a chapter of the American Solar Energy Society (ASES, founded in1954), we in turn have chapters in Houston, North Texas, Austin, and San Antonio, who meet to educate citizens on the use of solar and renewable resources and provide educational outreach programs at civic and trade events. The Houston, North Texas chapters, as well as the Hill Country Solar Tour, are looking forward to the 2013 ASES National Solar Tour in October, and Solar San Antonio will host Solar Fest that month.
Solar Austin is currently working to expand the city's solar goals with an aggressive citizen campaign.
These are some of projects that TXSES is currently or has been involved with:
    * 2013 Formula Sun Grand Prix (college teams) and an ongoing sponsorship of the Solar Car Challenge (high school teams).
    * A Solar America Cities grant that expanded a model solar car program with
elementary students.
    * Provided solar lighting to homeowners along the Border without electricity and emergency lighting to communities struck by natural disasters.
    * The Texas State Energy Conservation Office (SECO) and TXSES created renewable energy lesson plans for all grade levels, which are available at  The Infinite Power of Texas      
    *Our membership and fundraisers have allowed us to make grants to organizations like 1House At A Time, a program to bring energy efficiency to low- income homeowners and Shelter with Spirit, a non-profit bringing green building technologies to low income Central Texas homeowners.
  *Scholarships to college students in Texas involved with renewable energy studies and grants to high school programs that promote an understanding and working knowledge of renewable energy.
Our mission is renewable energy education and outreach. We continue to seek organizations to partner with to spread the message of renewable resources and conservation. Please JOIN US in our mission to promote sustainability and become a member of the Texas Solar Energy Society.
                                                          2014 TXSES Board of Directors
        Scot Arey - Chairman  (Killeen)
        Jim Hudson - Vice-Chairman  (Temple)
        Ross Pumfrey - Secretary (Austin)
        Jessica Galloway - Treasurer (Austin)
        AT LARGE
        Mack Grady (Waco)
        D.J. Rosebaugh (Austin)
        Lionel Johnnes (Austin)
        Larry Howe (Plano)
        Bill Swann - Houston Renewable Energy Group (HREG)
        Jim Duncan - North Texas Renewable Energy Group (NTREG)
        Matt Weldon - Solar Austin 
        Rozina Kanchwala- Solar San Antonio  
        Lucy Stolzenburg - Executive Director